We offer our partners the solutions as the result of the outstanding relationship developed with our suppliers and customers with more than 15 years of market experience

Our company was established in November 2002, at the beginning for marketing of special metal products. The period which has passed since then is characterized by the continuity of the dynamic development. The starting product ranges have been enlarged with semi finished and finished products used in the industry and in other fields, with services and implementation of complete solutions.. Besides this the creation of our presence in the Central and East European region shows promising possibilities of expansion. We believe it is important to represent ourselves in all the countries in the region, of course besides maintaining the quality of our products and continuously expand our range of services. Our company strives to reach new segments and usage directions besides strengthening the existing markets. One of the most important challenges of our days is the undertaking of the implementation area by using our possibilities and the integrator role

The increased tasks are dealt with by a serious team considering their number and knowledge iat our centre and at our premises in Budapest and in Szekszárd, and at our Austrian company. Each and every colleague of us is fully competent professionally, with several years of experience in similar fields gained abroad, and with domestic and international expertise.

Our company is mostly the exclusive representative of such recognized manufacturers with important names, which do not produce in Hungary and are among the leading metal industry companies in Europe. Besides this we are of course dedicated towards the domestic companies as well, because by co-operating with them we help both each other and our partners. Our far-reaching background of suppliers has very important production capacities regarding all our product ranges, which makes it possible for us to offer the optimal solution besides the optimum price and the high quality

We formulated our mission as follows:

We wish to present complex solutions by standing up to the new challenges for the special and the standard products, starting with their consignation, shaping, finishing, processing, delivery to the complete implementation. The knowledge of the professionals should be gathered and alloyed into one hand as a complete process and unity.  

Thus we may become together: